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Tim’s day job is a Chemical Engineer/Project Manager but his passion outside of work is wildlife photography. Tim has been an active nature photographer for the past eight years with a typical year including over 60 trips in the field. He specializes in shore bird photography using a ground pod to get eye level with the birds.

Tim has led photography workshops for local Houston area photo clubs and has been successful in photography contests. He won the grand prize for the FeatherFest photo contests in 2010 and 2008. He won the grand prize in the 2012 Migration Celebration photo contest in Brazoria County as well as being a finalist in the National Wildlife Refuge association photo contest. He also had photos on display for FotoFest in 2010. Tim has led workshops/field trips for Galveston's FeatherFest for the last 3 years.

Also got published in Texas Explorer Magazine: http://www.texasexplorer.com/Tim-Timmis-Bird-Photography.htm

If you would like to purchase a photo, please contact me at: ttimmis@comcast.net

Check out my blog at: http://timtimmisblog.com/

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